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With a strong background in refrigeration equipment maintenance and operations, we are equipped with the knowledge and resources in order to develop a Mechanical Integrity Program for your ammonia refrigeration system that is tailored to meet your staffing and budgetary situations, while keeping your facility in complete compliance with federal regulations.

We work closely with the plant to develop sound maintenance task procedures. This is accomplished by merging the original equipment manufacturer requirements and plant operations and management staff experience in an effort to ensure that all maintenance, testing, and inspection procedures are conducted safely and accurately.

Many facilities struggle with planning strategies needed to financially plan for and budget their refrigeration departments. There are many hidden financial liabilities in the operation of an industrial refrigeration system such as the spare parts inventory, required equipment testing and inspection services, employee training requirements, and eventual equipment replacement. All of these items factor together in order to operate a safe, sound and compliant refrigeration system.

Ammonia Refrigeration Management Solutions will consult and assist in the development of site- specific fiscal plans based on the plant’s current and future goals.



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